The Philosophy behind the camera

I was trained as an Architect at SCI-ARC, in Santa Monica California, my dream. My training, combined with other practical life experience in the arts, provides me with a unique visual perspective, which I communicate through photography. From day one I approached photography as an art form just as capable of expressing what I see and feel as any other artistic medium. I hope to provide you with a source of help and information about the artistic aspect of photography and how that directly relates to your wedding images. But, the most important aspect is how you participate in the your unique and special wedding day story.

Historical Perspective

Capturing a concept in an artistic medium is what I am passionate about. My background in architecture required mastery in creatively using multiple mediums to communicate your unique style in the final creation. Your job is to describe what you are passionate about and what is important about each other. I have found that the Art of Photography and Videography need to capture the emotion of the subjects. When documenting Architecture and Interior spaces, I found that people were the element of emotion that made spaces come alive, and I quickly adopted a photojournalistic approach in capturing the relationships and interactions of people and spaces.

I began the Event Photography chapter in my life when one of the participants in a wedding celebration asked me to add my perspective to the wedding. They believed I might bring a special contribution to the images, because of the uniqueness that I brought to work in architecture.

Studio Karl Bradford

The ability to use motion with Light, Perspective and Context propelled me into the world of weddings, engagement parties and other special events. Since then, I have captured hundreds of couples during one of the most important days of their lives. My passion for capturing the emotion in a moment in time is why I continue to love this medium. Today, I feel that I bring a unique perspective to capturing a wedding celebration. With the popularity of social media, people need to socialize and communicate face to face, and a wedding celebration is one of the most important days to celebrate with family and friends. However, if your photographer takes all your time with endless pictures, it will leave little or no time to enjoy the day with the most important people in your life. I will work with you, and listen to you, in developing a plan that brings balance to your celebration.