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Planning a wedding on Polo Beach Maui

As a photographer I try to capture everything about the wedding that I can. Yesterday, I found that I was not able to capture one large aspect of the wedding – the planning!  Ernie is a husband that has been married for many years and wanted to surprise his bride with a renewal ceremony. They were traveling to Maui for a simple vacation at the Fairmont Kea Lani, in Wailea/Makena Maui. As most of you may or may not know – Planning a ceremony with the Groom tends to be much more difficult than working with only the Bride to be. Ernie is a construction manager by trade and wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. Construction Managers have to over plan everything and have a great attention to detail so that the project goes as planned. Well, wedding renewals are not construction projects, but Ernie was going to make this renewal wedding project a masterpiece. I have to say that it was perfect. Tammy was absolutely taken when she realized what he had done. Tears filled her eyes and all she could do is hold her husband and tell him how much she was in love.

Fairmont-Kai Lani Wedding Fairmont-Kai Lani Wedding Fairmont-Kai Lani Wedding

As I captured Tammy’s face I also realized how all of Ernie’s planning had “in an instant” come together and he was looking in to her eyes to see how she was feeling. An image can not capture all the hard work an effort that Ernie put into this one moment. Luanna from the www.Maui helped Ernie with the Beach permits and flower circle and Polly from the Kea Lani provided the extra touches and the lei’s. Video Artistry captured the Rev. Laki  Kaahumanu at his best while blowing the couch shell and singing favorite hawaiian songs at their renewal wedding. What I loved was when Reverend Laki asked the couple to have a wedding dance just as a perfect rainbow came out of the light rain – as he played their song on the Ukulele.

If you are planning a wedding on Maui and don’t know where to start – I would be happy to help you and make sure that everything goes just the way you want. And, I want to figure out a way to capture the planning in pictures! If you would like to see more – visit

Fairmont-Kai Lani Wedding

Mahalo for your Aloha


Maui Wedding Styles


Justin & Lauri-273I always ask couples to bring a style to their wedding planning as it gives them an opportunity to show what is important to them and to show through images who they really are. Lauri & Justin have a style all of their own, and this is a great example of how you can capture the essence of who each of them are – even in a simple wedding setting on the beach, at sunset. The minister Ron Winckler and Pacific Island Weddings were waiting at the beach front as Lauri & Justin arrived from the Grand Wailea Hotel, by car. The minute you see Lauri you can sense the dramatic nature that she brings to Justin’s life, and you can also see how in-love these two are in the way they look into each others eyes. I tried to capture the beauty and feelings that they had in their wedding images. A Maui Beach Wedding is a beautiful place to be married and I hope you think that I was able to capture who they really are. Please vist my facebook page for additional images, or contact me for a more complete example of their portfolio.

Justin & Lauri