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Maui Wedding Beach Permits can be easily obtained from Karl Bradford Photography

Beach permits are required on Maui beaches, even if it just the two of you being married. Do not attempt to do this on your own – It will cost you a great deal of time and money. It is best

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and much more affordable to find a wedding professional that is already registered with the County of Maui and can obtain this permit for you. Karl Bradford Photography provides the required Maui beach permit, free of charge, when they are contracted to do your beach wedding photography, on Maui. In addition to the beach permit – be sure to hire a photographer and or videographer that has their own Annual Permit. Every wedding vendor is required to have an Annual Permit that can be presented to the DLNR, when providing services on the beach. It is a shame to have to leave the beach, risk a fine, and ruin your day all because you do not have the correct permits. Count on professionals to help you and your day will go smoothly and without any issues. Please contact with any questions that you may have. You may also call him @ 808.446.2877 or 310.850.5272 for California Brides and Wedding planners.  Below is a list of the beaches that require beach permits

Charley Young (County) Beach Park*
D.T. Flemming (County) Beach Park*
Hana (County) Beach Park*
Hanakaoo (County) Beach Park*
Honokowai (County) Beach Park*
Honolua Bay (State)
Hookipa (County) Beach Park*
Kalama (County) Beach Park*
Kalepolepo (County) Beach Park*
Kamaole I, II, & III (County) Beach Parks*
Kanaha (County) Beach Park (AKA Lower Spreklesville Beach)*
Kaumahina State Wayside
Kepaniwai (County) Beach Park*
Kihei (County) Beach Reserve*
Launiupoko (County) Wayside Park
Lower Spreklesville Beach (AKA Kanaha) (County) Park*
Maalaea (County) Beach Park*
Maalaea Mud Flats
Mai Poina Oe Iau (County) Beach Park*
Napili Bay

Oneloa (AKA Makena State Park and Beach) (except weekends and holidays) (NOTE: This location is separate from Oneloa Bay in Kapalua.)
Pepeiaolepo Beach (AKA Poolenalena Beach Park) (County)*
Pohaku (County) Beach Park*
Polo Beach
Poolenalena (County) Beach Park (AKA Pepeiaolepo Beach)*
Puaa Kaa State Wayside
Ukumehame / Papalaua (County) Wayside Park*
(Beaches along) Waiehu Beach Road
Waiehu I & II (County) Beach Park*
Waihee (County) Beach Park*
Wahikuli (County) Beach Park*
Waianapanapa State Park
Wailea Beaches
Wailua Valley State Wayside Lookout

NOTE: Hookipa (County) Beach Park and Kanaha (County) Beach Park are heavily used for water sporting events. Please ensure that you check the scheduled usage of these parks with the Maui County Parks office (tel. 808-270-7389) prior to scheduling a shoot at these parks. Also, please obtain all necessary Maui County Parks permits to use these locations.

*Also requires County permit or approval from owner(s); state jurisdiction up to high-water mark/vegetation line.

Details make the Four Seasons Maui Wedding

A Four Seasons Resort Maui Wedding can be anything that you want it to be. It is one of the few venues that offers a covered are for your reception that is still outside – This allows you to enjoy the cool breezes while also being a bit protected if the summer shower quickly passes over. I have included some nice detail images of a recent wedding that had lots of details.


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How to find a Hawaii based wedding photographer that is right for you.

Maui Photographer Wailea

Day after wedding images

The internet has moved the wedding industry into a new and exciting place. It now allows you to have more choices than you really need – how do you decide?

The best way to begin is to find a strong local photographer that lives very close to your wedding venue. In Maui, for instance, there are three main areas South Side — Kihei/Makena/Wailea, West Side — Kapalua, and Up-Country – Kula/Makawao. North shore is also here but we will leave that for surfing.  This helps in a few ways – most of all per-wedding meetings and the easy availability for the photographer to provided you additional time at no additional expense.

The search engines provided “Top Listing” photographers based on their ability to advertise, bloggers, an obtain statistic benefiting client reviews. If you find a photographer that is all over the web……..they must be great, right?.  Great for your needs? or great for advertisers and Google? Be very careful as the “new hip – social media ” Photographers are not always your best choice. They can talk about it and show you a few great images, but what does the whole package look like – Ask to see a complete wedding shoot – all six hundred + images. You will quickly see if you like the variety, color, and context of the wedding photography.

If you are planning a destination wedding to Maui be sure to contact at least five photographers on your own. Really look at the different types of images that they are able to give you – don’t be fooled by “this is my style of photography” – Do you like blown-out over exposed images? are you having a wedding in Hawaii for the sunset and blue ocean colors? A professional can provided you with exactly the type of photography that is “your style” and blends with the style that your and your family bring to the celebration. Spend some time thinking about the images that you want – Don’t leave it up to the wedding photographer — you will be sadly disappointed.

One other issue that you may not always be aware of – do not assume that just because you are contracting with a “Company Name” photographer – that that is the photographer that you will have at your wedding. Always meet your photographer – even if by Skype, Face time, or other computer  based visual program.

I also suggest that you plan on two different types of photography sessions – Wedding Celebration and a Personal Day …….on the beach, in the bamboo forest, in the lava fields, etc. with just the two of you. Get some beautiful images that you can cherish that are not just of the wedding. Spend some time alone enjoying the beginning of the rest of your life together.

Marry Me-306

Capturing the moment at a Maui Estate Wedding

Family Beach PhotographyMaui Wedding Photography can offer beautiful Maui Beach moments that will create everlasting memories. On the day of the wedding, be mindful that there are many different moments that should be captured, and when you add the beautiful Maui sunsets, the opportunities explode. Here is an example of what can be captured all with-in an hours by just being aware of the special moments and ever-changing lighting.

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