Advice from a Bride after the wedding

I really love hearing advice from the Brides after the planning of their weddings. Here is a bit of advice that I really like from Beth Newman.

Before my wedding last year, people kept telling me that your wedding goes by in a flash and it is hard to remember everything. The advice I was repeatedly given was that I HAD to live in the moment to help make sure it didn’t pass too fast and so I would remember as much as possible. Well, I did live in the moment. I stopped myself numerous times to soak in what was around me. But guess what? It still passed in a flash, and I still remember less of it then weddings I attended as a guest. So, my advice? Stop trying to figure it all out. Accept that it will pass quickly and that parts of it will be difficult to remember in detail because of how intensely surreal and beautifully emotional it is. Do what feels right from this very moment until the day you walk down the aisle. Stop following advice and just follow yourself. Some functional advice? Wear comfortable shoes and make ABSOLUTE SURE that someone there knows how to hook up your bustle. It is not an easy task, so make sure your seamstress has shown someone how to do it, step by step.

Great Advice!  I want to add the it is important to “Get Educated” find your options and find out what you like and don’t really care for. As in a past post – Make choices on a good, better, and best scale. Make sure the things that you really will cherish are the best you can buy. Another important aspect — take time to really celebrate your grandparents or and old members of the family. It doesn’t matter how, but have a special dance, a special cake, or a special meaningful toast highlighting what they have meant to you.  This is wonderful for beautiful memories and makes for great images too! The best weddings always make everyone feel like it is there day too.


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