Finding a Wedding Photographer that I like.

Does it really have to be this hard?

Does it really have to be this hard?

This blog post is thanks to a FaceBook post from Tori Rogers,, a wedding planner that is all over social media and fun to follow. Tori writes,  “Time and Time Again I have advised photographers to take flash player off of their websites, but they still have it. So, here is a comment I received from a bride yesterday. I am sure others have felt the same way. “So I looked at lots of photographers last night as best as possible, unfortunately most use flash player so I could only see so much.”

This is the a growing problem with the use of iPads and iPhones! “Flash” is a program that Apple / MAC users are not able to view well, or at all.  Why do photographers use flash and not just place all their work on the web for everyone to see – what’s the big deal?  The big deal is theft, loss of business, and copyright protection. How does a professional photographer protect their work from being stolen and represented by other photographers as their work? This really does happen – sometimes it’s even funny.

I was at a wedding show a few years ago and the ballroom was filled with vendors of all types. My son was with me and becoming very board, so I asked him to go around to all the photographers and videographers and see what sales material he could find.  After about 20 minutes he came running back and said – “you have to see this, I think they are using a photograph of yours and showing a video that I helped you with!”  Sure enough, I laughed when I saw the sales booth. It was an out of town company trying to promote themselves by using my work and I am sure the work of a few others. In short, I resolved the issue, but the point is this happens all the time.

In these days of “Fauxtographers” anyone can claim what they want. The problem comes in showing examples of quality and appealing work. The Best Hawaii Wedding Photographers have years of experience working with the specialized lighting and weather conditions. And, the work that they show is colorful, clean and crisp.  Unfortunately, just the kind of images the Fauxtographers want to show as their own work.

When searching for a wedding photographer – look three dimensionally!  1. Would you like to see them at to your wedding – could you be friends with them?  2. Are they a professional with years of work to show? 3. What do you like about their work? 4. What are your going to be holding in your hands – the day after the wedding, and at what cost? 5. Do they need to be Social Media Savvy – do you want blasts of your wedding while it is happening?

If you haven’t noticed, looking at their work is only a small portion of what you are really looking for.  Expecting to find a Professional Photographer, in a few minutes, on the web may not be the best plan of attack. Also, be aware of the “everything is beautiful portfolio” If they are capturing 200 to 300 images a hour, not everything is going to be beautiful. Ask to see whole entire weddings – 90% of photographers place your images on-line after the wedding – I do it with-in 24 hours so you can everything. If you want to see example of what I am taking about look here I protect my work by password protecting it. Anyone looking to see a lot of work, can, with just a password.

If you are working with a good wedding planner, they will help you with a good fit, and searching the web is a good idea – just do expect quick solutions. Happy planning and I hope you find the perfect match!


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