Maui Wedding Styles


Justin & Lauri-273I always ask couples to bring a style to their wedding planning as it gives them an opportunity to show what is important to them and to show through images who they really are. Lauri & Justin have a style all of their own, and this is a great example of how you can capture the essence of who each of them are – even in a simple wedding setting on the beach, at sunset. The minister Ron Winckler and Pacific Island Weddings were waiting at the beach front as Lauri & Justin arrived from the Grand Wailea Hotel, by car. The minute you see Lauri you can sense the dramatic nature that she brings to Justin’s life, and you can also see how in-love these two are in the way they look into each others eyes. I tried to capture the beauty and feelings that they had in their wedding images. A Maui Beach Wedding is a beautiful place to be married and I hope you think that I was able to capture who they really are. Please vist my facebook page for additional images, or contact me for a more complete example of their portfolio.

Justin & Lauri

Four Seasons at the Sugarman Estate Makena

FSMaui-8268 FSMaui-8193The Sugarman Estate Makena is also known as Honua Kai Lani – This beautiful property provides breathtaking views and privacy when required. I have included a few images of a recent wedding that was planned by the Four Seasons Resort Maui for one of those private clients that had a spectacular sunset wedding and cocktail reception. They continued to the Resort Hotel for an evening that I will not soon forget. If you are looking for that special wedding and have an eye for detail –be sure to call Denise Black at the wedding department of the Four Seasons Resort Maui, You will be very glad that you did!

FSMaui-8265 FSMaui-7682 FSMaui-7587

Sugarman Estate   I met Elizabeth and Jack while they were on Maui planning there 2014 Maui Beach Front Wedding.  They looked at many of the popular wedding sites, Sugarman Estate, Olowalu Plantation House, and a very private and intimate Makena Beach Estate. I could tell that they loved the ocean and asked if they had every had any engagement photographes done? Elizabeth said that there was no time with all their busy planning but she would love some beautiful photographes done. I told them if they could give me an hour, I would do my best to give them something that that would love. I picked them up at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa and in 10 minutes we were on the beach having a great time. You can see more at:  or

If you are ever in Maui scouting for that perfect place — I would love to share my secret places for that perfect shot!  Mahalo for you Aloha.

Sugarman EstateSugarman EstateSugarman Estate